Re: beagle imap handling?

Joe Shaw wrote:
> The obvious downside to having your mail program cache data locally is
> that it uses some additional disk space, but if it's a true cache it
> should be able to clean itself up from time to time.  Otherwise, it's
> probably a bug in the mail reader.
Yes that's precisely my problem, I have about 1GB of email (tens of
thousands of files - Maildir format), and having that replicated is a lot :)

What do you mean by cache clean itself? Evolution cleans the cache after
a while (like erases mails from cache that aren't viewed for a long time)?

If beagle had indexed all cached emails and then they disappear from
cache but beagle can still search for it, that would be ok for me...

But I would need to first somehow make evolution fetch all messages from
IMAP server and put them in cache... Ideas for this?


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