Re: beagle imap handling?

ivo welch wrote:
> beagle would definitely be more useful if it eventually acquired the
> smarts to also index imap servers, too.  I am keeping my fingers
> crossed.

I also agree that the ability to connect directly to an IMAP server and
index all messages would be great. I think lots of people like to keep
their email on remote and/or local IMAP servers (as in my case,
fetchmail + procmail + Maildir + Dovecot), for easy transition of access
according to the needs, use different local email clients and/or webmail
from different places.

Beagle could simultaneously index headers trough the mail client and
then the whole messages fetching them directly from the IMAP server and
in this way it would have an URI for easilly open found messages
directly in the mail client as it happens now.

I find myself repeatadly having to use the mail client's search facility
as beagle does not index all mail I have. It would be very nice to be
able to use just beagle-search's interface.

Shoud we file a feature request? Where?


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