Re: beagle imap handling?

thank you.  unfortunately, the old evolution crashes under
amd64 gentoo with
  (evolution:7120): e-canvas-background.c-CRITICAL **: ecb_style_set:
assertion `ecb->priv->gc != NULL' failed
and the new evolution 2.6.0-r1 does not yet build under it.  I would
love to try out a working binary.  :-(

beagle would definitely be more useful if it eventually acquired the
smarts to also index imap servers, too.  I am keeping my fingers



On 5/1/06, Joe Shaw <joeshaw novell com> wrote:

On Sun, 2006-04-30 at 17:17 -0400, ivo welch wrote:
> the ad says that kmail can serve as a data source.  does this mean
> that after I have set up my imap accounts in kmail, beagle will pull
> in all the messages existing on the server?  do the messages have to
> have been downloaded (or at least their headers) once, or will beagle
> just crawl all mailboxes on the imap server?

I'm not that familiar with the KMail backend (I know the Evolution one),
but I believe messages have to be downloaded to be indexed.  Beagle
itself won't contact your IMAP server.

For the Evolution backend, we index the full message if it is cached
locally on disk and fall back to summary info (basically headers) if it
isn't.  I'm not sure if KMail keeps a similar summary or stores headers


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