Re: static index + dynamic index


On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 09:50 +0200, Andreas Heinz wrote:
> i would like to know if it's possible to use beagle with one (or more) 
> static index and additionally the dynamic one (for best experience with 
> extended attributes enabled).

Yes, definitely.

> my configuration looks like follows:
> local harddrive:
> /home/crash/ marked to be indexed
> nfs shares:
> /storage/
> /mp3s/
> now since nfs shares won't support extended attributes and since i have 
> problems letting a large directoy being indexed (see my last mails a few 
> day ago) i'm thinking of creating a index of these kind of static 
> directories every night or so and only letting beagle index my home.

Even with the bug of not correctly indexing all of your files, doing a
static index for these two NFS directories is probably a good idea
anyhow.  You don't want constant network traffic when indexing these

> is this easily possible? e.g. will i have to index the large directoy 
> every time as a hole or will it add the changes?

You can use the beagle-build-index tool for this.  Take a look at the
manpage or look at the beagle-crawl-system shell script to see an
example of how it works.  Essentially you can create a cron job for
this, and Beagle will recrawl the directories and add any new files to
the index.  If you place the indexes in /var/cache/beagle/indexes, they
will be automatically picked up when you restart the beagle daemon.


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