Re: Thunderbird


On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 10:40 -0700, D Bera wrote:
> > Yeah, I think we should move this into the repository soon.  The GNOME
> > CVS -> subversion migration happens a week from tomorrow.  My plan is to
> At last. Phew!!!

Yeah.  Assuming it isn't delayed again. ;)

> > heavily reorganize the source tree after that point.  How about we check
> Curious, what kind of reorganization are you planning ?

I'm planning on moving a bunch of historical code which is valuable for
reference purposes but not used into an "attic".  Directories include at
least Best, chooser-fu, Renderers, templates, and Tiles.

I'm also planning on renaming a bunch of files.  The
"EvolutionMailDriver" name has been wrong for a long time; it hasn't
been a driver in nearly two years.  It may make sense to unify the
images directory with the search directory; I'm not sure it makes a lot
of sense to install the images as a separate assembly.


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