Re: Flock Backend


On Thu, 2006-07-06 at 13:27 -0400, Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> As of the 0.7 or 'Cardnial' release series, flock uses Clucene 1.9. If
> you wanna check it out, your index is in the folder 'historysearch' in 
> the flock profile directory.

I am pretty sure the CLucene file format is on-disk compatible with the
original Java one (and our DotLucene).  As long as that's the case,
writing a driver for it should be trivial.

> Whats really the best thing about it is that because the indexing is all
> in C and part of the browser, they have the scheduling etc. to make it
> not interfere with the browsing experience at all.

Sounds familiar. ;)

> Is there some command line tool to just dump the contents of lucene
> index into text form or something? I can't seem to find much, but again,
> its not something I'm exactly experienced with.

There's no real command-line tool for it.  You could maybe extract some
code from beagle-dump-index to do it, or try to decypher the incredibly
hard-to-use but still useful tool Luke:


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