Re: static index + dynamic index & Beagle Startup

hi there,

sounds like you had a great time at GUADEC :)

i'll respond to all mails at one time. this should be more effective for me ;)

@joe: thanks for your tipps. at the moment i'm running beagle-build-index on my largest of the nfs shares, and will then put this index to /var/cache ... hopefullly that works and this large directory problem doesnt occur with this method.

if i can help to find out if this is really a bug, or just some kind of configuration issue, tell me how i can help track this down.

@dbera: unfortunatly i can't find your mentioned tool beagle-dump-index. are you sure it's distributed with the cvs checkout? i found joe's beagle crawl script but not the dump tool.

one addition to the static index idea. what "none none" proposed, is what came to my mind, when i yesterday talked to friend of mine about beagle. although i had'nt in mind to have 2 beagle running (one on the server, one on the client) i think this would be a great idea to get realtime changes for nfs shares. at the moment i have to study for my exams in the next 2 weeks, so i wont have the time to check if this works myself, but to me it sounds like a great idea :)


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