Re: Null Pointer Exception at beagled/Mono.Data.SqliteClient/SqliteDataReader.cs:418

Am Donnerstag, den 16.02.2006, 15:43 -0500 schrieb Kevin Kubasik:
> I get a similar if not identical error when I try to have beagle index
> /usr/share/applications (the error is thrown for me right after the
> 'Adding Root' line, and removing that extra directory solves the
> problem. Perhaps this has something to do with permissions (for me the
> dir is read only) and/or extended attributes (specifically rights to
> write attributes)

Well, today I removed the applications-index _and_ purged the indexes in
~/.beagle/ (incl. Text-Cache and Logs). Then I started beagled again and
it indexed for some hours.

I had a nfs-dir mounted in ~/martin and somehow it looped in there,
crawling the same files again and again. So I excluded that dir from the
index (via the config-gui), shutdown-beagle. After the next start of
beagled, the same error appears again (null pointer exception)

So, I guess it has nothing to do with a somehow corrupted index, or
beagle is corrupting its own index-files?


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