Current TODO

I was wondering, do we have a vauge standing TODO consolidated? There
are snippets floating around the wiki, and random smatterings of TODO
comments in the code, but no real centralized goal. What is our
current focus? Is it bugfixes? Code cleanup? The new interface seems
to making substantial progress, but what are our plans? Should we
perhaps get a rough roadmap worked out? It seems that the open beagle
API has encouraged enough interesting development to take place and
provide nice application integration. While extracting more contextual
info from files and making that data readily available is obviously a
standing task, I guess I was just wondering where the current push is?

If were focusing more on internals cleanup and the like (as opposed to
any new/major features) might  I suggest we work with optimizations
for quick/live searching? Something like multiple indexes optimized
for different roots, with database query decisions happening in beagle
as opposed to lucene.

I dunno, search engine optimization is not something I have much
experience in, but one of the major blockers for beagle when compared
to search applications such as GDS and Spotlight is the speed of a
partial query. While a complete query is quick, the first fragments of
a word (such as fragm from fragment) are not very speedy, just a
thought to maybe inspire some interesting discussion.

Kevin Kubasik

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