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I refer more to the beagle-query --livequery from the command line, I
did some rough (and generally poor) benchmarking attempts with that,
once I can get some sort of reliable/standardized benchmark, I'll
report those numbers. I'll see if I can't get together some sort of
screencast for GDS or Spotlight to demonstrate better. Its more in the
responsiveness, even on lowerend systems. I know that Spotlight
accomplishes a large chunk of this through distributed indexes across
the disk, and searching them based on modification time (more recently
modified files searched first), but thats based on an old forum posts,
I've linked to a few whitepapers on Spotlight, they don't seem to have
much on the superinteresting side, and most feel highly
over-simplified, but maybe they can help.

This one is quite good, a large part of the speed is based on
searching a simple metadata store and returning those results before
handling the fulltext index.

An API reference to Apple's 'Search Kit' I started to root around for
some hints at how performance was increased so substantially (Apple
claims a 3x speedup over its last release)

Oddly enough theres not much on the innards of Googles search, solid
and almost too-good-to-be-true API docs, but little mention of the
beast beneath.

I plan on checking yahoo for some developer info on there desktop
search, but it really hasn't been popularized much, so I can't say I
know much about it, but they have been great about sharing info/code.

Kevin Kubasik

On 2/15/06, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> > I dunno, search engine optimization is not something I have much
> > experience in, but one of the major blockers for beagle when compared
> > to search applications such as GDS and Spotlight is the speed of a
> > partial query. While a complete query is quick, the first fragments of
> > a word (such as fragm from fragment) are not very speedy, just a
> > thought to maybe inspire some interesting discussion.
> I doubt there is "search-engine" optimisation in the usual database
> sense, but there are scopes of improvement. Your comment above is
> interesting and will be more so, if you can provide some rough
> numbers/statistics. I dont have access to GDS or spotlight, hence if
> someone posts some comparison figures, it will be helpful.
> Also, when you say "the first fragments of a word (such as fragm from
> fragment) are not very speedy...", how did you evaluate that in beagle
> ? lucene allows wildcard query or term enumeration which can be used
> for presenting matches for partial text, but none of this is currently
> implemented in beagle (afaik) ?
> - d.
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