Re: searching in subversion repos

On 06/12/06, Joe Shaw <joeshaw novell com> wrote:
Hi Alex,

On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 20:38 +0000, Alex Mac wrote:
> Any possible pitfalls or things that would make this not worth doing?

The idea is to find .svn directories and deal with their contents,
correct?  Or is there something else here I'm not following?

nope, I'm not talking about monitoring a checked out copy of a repo
but the actual repo itself where all the data (including the logs as
Richard mentioned) is stored. The .svn directories that get created
when you check out a repo just have duplicates of all the files in for
diffing purposes, nothing interesting.

So the idea would be that searching for "foo" will show me all the
revisions of all files in my repository that had foo in them, not just
the most recent.

it occurs to me as well that with the svn api this would be able to
handle remote svn repositories as well. that would be cool, if a
little bandwidth intensive on the first index.

A backend is definitely the way to go here.  You can take a look at the
Tomboy backend for an example of a pretty simple one.  You'll probably
need to set up inotify watches and such on the .svn directories to watch
for changes, and this could get tricky depending on how often those
change and how much data has to be reindexed.

As you mentioned, how to display this will be tricky.  We could possibly
have some basic support in beagle-search for it, and either integrate
with an existing SVN visualization tool or write our own to give more
advanced features.

> I know someone has half wrapped the svn api in c# so that might need a
> little fixing first...

A worthwhile project in any case, IMO. :)

yeah, probably a little bit much for me to take on at the moment but
it might make a good SoC project for next year.


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