Mars Filter

No not a filter that searches for water on mars, something much more
interesting than that! Mars is adobe's new PDF format:

"The Mars (code name) Project is an XML-friendly implementation of PDF syntax.
Already an open specification, PDF is the global standard for trusted, high
fidelity electronic documentation. The Mars file format incorporates additional
industry standards such as SVG, PNG, JPG, JPG2000, OpenType, Xpath and XML into
ZIP-based document container. The Mars plug-ins enable recognition of the Mars
file format by Adobe Acrobat 8 and Adobe Reader 8 software."

If you've got a windows or mac with acrobat 8 then grab the plugin: and you can convert your
pdfs into mars documents.

I've started to write a filter for mars files: which people should
play with if they are interested.

I've also included a sample mars document if you
just want to see whats going on. Apart from missing fonts inkscape
seems to do a decent job of rendering the pages.


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