Re: "reveal in file manager" does not highlight the file.

A quick look in ~/.nautilus/metafiles revealed that the syntax is
quite simple, a basic xml file named like

its contents:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<directory><file name="Backstreet%20Boys%20-%20Incomplete.mp3"
icon_position="343,145" screen="0"/></directory>

Now, the only problem is that modification of the file name does not
seem to change how nautilus opens when invoked from the command line.

nautilus file:///mnt/storage/ImportMusic

the manager opens fine, but my new insertion (the ever awesome)
Backstreet Boys does not seem to modify this behavior at all...

I'm not sure its this is of any use, but I wanted to throw my findings
out there..

Kevin Kubasik

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