Re: "reveal in file manager" does not highlight the file.

> Interesting.  Ideally though I'd prefer if you just passed a file URI
> into nautilus on the command-line and have it highlight the file.  If
> you do it now, you get the error "Couldn't display <path>.  The location
> is not a folder."  That would make things dead simple.

That would make nautilus incompatible with other file browsers. The
behaviour for Konqueror/Windows explorer is that when given a path for
a file, it tries to open the file (using some application or
displaying application chooser). So I am not sure this is a good

The metadata approach seems plausible. OTOH, is there some kind of
"dcop"-extensions to gnome apps (nautlitus in particular) ? That would
be a cleaner design.

- d.

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