Re: "reveal in file manager" does not highlight the file.

Isnt this more of a nautilus bug (read: enhancement) than a best bug ?
If so, there should be a bug filed for nautilus. Is there already something ?

> > The problem is that the file is not highlighted in nautilus. If the
> > folders contains many files, this makes it difficult to locate the
> > file. So difficult as to defeat the purpose of using beagle! It
> > becomes more convenient to add metadata in the filenames, and use
> > gnome-search-tool, or "find" from CLI. :-)
> >
> > I understand this is not a Beagle's fault. I guess Nautilus does not
> > offer an option to open a given folder and highlight a given file.
> > However, this problem affects Beagle's usability in a crucial way.
> > What do you think? Had you already considered the problem?
> Yes, its planned, I guess someone just needs to jump in and code it :)

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