"reveal in file manager" does not highlight the file.

Hi there.

I noticed beagle has switched to beta state in Ubuntu. Congratulations!
I'd like to hear your opinion about this matter.

Once Beagle has found the file I need, I may want to execute several
actions on the file (e.g. delete it, move it, open it with a secondary
viewer). Of course, I am not asking for Beagle to do this, since it
would be feature duplication. The right solution is to click "reveal
in file manager", which opens nautilus in the appropriate folder.

The problem is that the file is not highlighted in nautilus. If the
folders contains many files, this makes it difficult to locate the
file. So difficult as to defeat the purpose of using beagle! It
becomes more convenient to add metadata in the filenames, and use
gnome-search-tool, or "find" from CLI. :-)

I understand this is not a Beagle's fault. I guess Nautilus does not
offer an option to open a given folder and highlight a given file.
However, this problem affects Beagle's usability in a crucial way.
What do you think? Had you already considered the problem?

A related matter is "what if I don't use nautilus?" Maybe I should be
able to specify the command line to reveal the file in another file



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