Re: Glib malloc exception

Ok, some more recent thoughts on the matter.

My debugging has given me a ballpark idea of whats going on, although
this is by no means definitive, its merely me trying to put a finger
on where beagled/mono is not only playing directly with glibc alot,
but basically where it does this in the file system crawler.

My guess is that it has something to do with extended attributes, when
I get a chance I will try to remount the drive without them and try
again, but I currently only have remote access, and its a RAID, which
normally remounts cleanly, but has, on occasion taken a moment, or

Regardless, ./configure reports that extended attributes are accessed
through libc, I haven't found much through my Console.print's of the
code ;)

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to build the latest CVS:
./Tile.cs(175,19): error CS0117: `Gnome.Vfs.MimeApplication' does not
contain a definition for `Exec'
./Tile.cs(176,24): error CS0117: `Gnome.Vfs.MimeApplication' does not
contain a definition for `SupportsUris'
Compilation failed: 2 error(s), 0 warnings
make[2]: *** [Tiles.dll] Error 1

so I'll have to look into this error before I continue.

Kevin Kubasik
On 10/24/05, Jose daLuz <jdaluz gmail com> wrote:
> I removed the CVS version from my system and reinstalled 0.1.1.  Beagle has
> been running for ~4hr now with no glib-related crashes.  Note that neither
> mono nor the various helper app depenencies has changed in any way -- as of
> yesterday running CVS, beagle would crash in less than an hour with the same
> mono, gtk-sharp, wv1, etc.
> I'd be glad to try any more suggestions to track this down.
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> jdaluz gmail com
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Kevin Kubasik

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