Re: WebBookmarks Queryable

> If the actual link is an attribute it shouldn't be too hard for Hits to
> recognize that hits from bookmarks and from web history are identical,
> and only show one of them.
> Maybe Hits should be a little smarter and be able to recognize related
> and identical or related hits in things like bookmarks, web history and
> email threads?
> Tiles could then be contained in some kind of grouping widget which can
> be collapsed or expanded to show related and or identical hits.

I don't think you should ever present one link as multiple hits. As a
user, I really don't care where the link was found, I just want to know
about stuff that is relevant to my query.

I can see how you might want to differentiate results depending on from
which source they came (e.g. giving a link that is in bookmarks a higher
score than a link that is just in the history), but that doesn't mean I
want to see a double result if a link is in both, or that I even care
where the result came from.

I have no idea how a hit is represented internally, but needing a
seperate url scheme for each backend seems like a bad idea regardless of
how you present the results.


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