Re: New Beagle Demos

> Currently, I have done a simple demo of Beagle and Tomboy but I hope to
> do more soon, especially on some of the advanced features of Beagle.

Nice. Although, I think It would be cool if we had some (advanced) demos
showing Beagle functionality in a non-geeky way ;) I mean - you do

echo "firefox" > firefox 

and "firefox" gets dynamically indexed. This amazes us, because we
understand all the under-the-hood principles and possibilities. But I
think it would be better to illustrate the concept of dynamic indexing
by opening openoffice and saving a simple file... this way everybody
gets the message ("We index your life... " or whatever the message
was... ;) 

I think "comparison cases" might be pretty nice. Like: 

1st case. A non-beaglefied user tries to find his document. He enters
different folders, goes back, opens the wrong file, etc. Just as we do
it most of the time.

2nd case. A beaglefied user open BEST and enters a keyword. Gets his OO
document instantly. 

Whatever, this is just PR. 

Michał Dominik K.
mdk mdk org pl

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