WebBookmarks Queryable


I stared implementing WebBookmarksQueryable thing - a www bookmark
indexer (Epiphany, Mozilla, Firefox). 

I'm through with the indexing part, but I've got some questions:

1) What Uri scheme would be the best for bookmarks? Currently I'm using:


I was also thinking about:


...and having the actual link as the attribute. Can't think of any pros
& cons here. 

2) I'm going to have a TileBookmark to show the bookmarks in BEST. From
the user point of view, there will be no difference between Firefox,
Epiphany and Mozilla bookmarks. The bookmark will be opened always in
the default Gnome web browser. Is this an acceptable default behaviour? 

3) Do we need bookmark indexing? :) Seems cool to me. 


Michał Dominik K.
mdk mdk org pl

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