Doubts about Filter Making

Hi everyone.

I'm working on a CHM file format, its almost done, but i have a few doubs about filter making:

1) I am derived FilterCHM from FilterHtml (making some FilterHtml methods protected)... but when beagle runs it logs a message like this:

* 2005-05-03-10-19-23-IndexHelper:05-05-03 10515 IndexH ERROR: Filter collision: mime type=text/html (Beagle.Filters.FilterHtml vs Beagle.Filters.FilterCHM)

There is some problem with that or just an information message?
Beagle still index html and CHM correctly. I Dont know if this is a problem.
Otherwise i will have to copy n' paste some FilterHtml code, which i think is not the 'best'.

2) The CHM files have some metadata, like the document title, I created it like this:
   AddProperty (Beagle.Property.New ("dc:title", chmFile.Title));

  but when i search whit best, the title property is not showed like in a Pdf file, but its showed whean i do the same query using
  beagle-query --verbose

Thanks, and sorry for my poor english. ;)


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