Re: Doubts about Filter Making

Miguel Cabrera wrote:
Hi everyone.

I'm working on a CHM file format, its almost done, but i have a few doubs about filter making:

1) I am derived FilterCHM from FilterHtml (making some FilterHtml methods protected)... but when beagle runs it logs a message like this:

* 2005-05-03-10-19-23-IndexHelper:05-05-03 <> 10515 IndexH ERROR: Filter collision: mime type=text/html (Beagle.Filters.FilterHtml vs Beagle.Filters.FilterCHM)
Every ctor of Filters registers a MimeType that they can handle. So, there shouldn't be any two-filters that registers same MimeType.

What you can possibly do is:
1) Create some abstract class called FilterMarkup or something like that and have all those *common* functions as overrides in FilterMarkup.
2) Derive FilterHtml and FilterCHM from FilterMarkup.

Hopefully, this will solve the above collision.

How are you parsing CHM file, using, chmlib?

There is some problem with that or just an information message?
Beagle still index html and CHM correctly. I Dont know if this is a problem.
Otherwise i will have to copy n' paste some FilterHtml code, which i think is not the 'best'.

2) The CHM files have some metadata, like the document title, I created it like this: AddProperty (Beagle.Property.New ("dc:title", chmFile.Title));

but when i search whit best, the title property is not showed like in a Pdf file, but its showed whean i do the same query using
  beagle-query --verbose

You need to add a tile-template for CHM files. Look into Tiles/template-docs.html and Tiles/TileDocs.cs.

Thanks, and sorry for my poor english. ;)



V. Varadhan.


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