Odd problem with Beagle - disappearing address book entries

Hey guys!

I've been trying to get Beagle fully operational here, and I've mostly
gotten it going.  The only problem I'm having at this point is in the
indexing of the Evolution address book.  It seems that on every other
invocation of the beagle daemon, it neglects to properly index the
address book data.  I've tried running beagled in debug mode, using
only the EvolutionDataServer backend, and I still get this.  The only
odd thing I see in the debug output is a message that looks like this:

DEBUG: **** Removing contact: //pas-id-{some long string of numbers}

The minute I see that message appear in the debug output, the address
book entry disappears from the best screen, and will not reappear
until I stop beagled and re-invoke it.  Setting the
BEAGLE_EXERCISE_THE_DOG option when invoking beagled has no effect on
this problem - the only way it seems I can reliably get address book
data to appear in beagle is to rm -rf ~/.beagle prior to invoking the
daemon, but this causes a loss of history data from the browser.

Anyone got any ideas?


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