Re: Extended Attributes on crypto FS

On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 20:44 +0000, James Ogley wrote:
> Works a treat actually, this is the line in /etc/cryptotab:
> /dev/loop0  /dev/hda5       /home                ext3       twofish256
> noatime,user_xattr
> It hadnt occurred to me earlier that the last field was obviously the
> mount options :)

Right on.

> Does end up hammering the CPU though, not sure if that's because of the
> filesystem being encrypted or not though - running beagled in debug mode
> to try and find out...

Beagle will likely hammer your CPU at least at first as it sets up its
crawler and starts indexing.  It should throttle itself so that it is
using less CPU as it goes, however.  That said, it's a pretty IO
intensive app and if CPU power is required to decrypt everything as it
goes, that probably doesn't help things.


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