Re: Extended Attributes on crypto FS

>I feel pretty confident in saying that you're the first person to try
>running beagle on an encrypted filesystem.  I don't know anything
>about /etc/cryptotab, but if that is where you provide the mount options
>for the underlying file system, that is probably the right place to do
>Try it out and let us know how it goes. :)

Works a treat actually, this is the line in /etc/cryptotab:

/dev/loop0  /dev/hda5       /home                ext3       twofish256

It hadnt occurred to me earlier that the last field was obviously the
mount options :)

Does end up hammering the CPU though, not sure if that's because of the
filesystem being encrypted or not though - running beagled in debug mode
to try and find out...
James Ogley james usr-local-bin org

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