Basic questions on indexing of images


I'm trying to write a f-spot indexer for beagled, but I'm having some
difficulties understanding the basics of how beagle works. I'm adding a
F-SpotQueryable in beagled who (in theory) will open f-spot's photo
database using Mono.Data.SqliteClient and get all tags and all photos
with those tags. The idea is that you can search for "birthday 2005" and
all photos who have been tagged with birthday 2005 in f-spot will show

This brings me on to my questions:

All jpg/png files are already indexed in beagle's database, is it
possible to add keywords to these? Suppose I have the filename and the
tags for that file, could I add these to the entry in the database?

As far as I can understand, the class Indexable is container for all
items who are queryable and I can make these items "appear" in best by
using AddProperty and the photo tags as keywords. So for a photo to show
as a hit for the search for "birthday", I add the property
("f-spot:tags", imagetags). Is this perceived correctly?

Hope I'm not wasting your time with these questions...

Kristian Berg 

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