Re: indexing Maildir mails


On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 22:51 +0300, Aviram Jenik wrote:
> The problem I'm experiencing is quite different. The mail *is* rfc822, but it 
> does not show up in the results. In fact, when I add a first line to screw 
> the mime detection (make the mail file a 'text/plain') it *does* appear in 
> the results - so the problem is definitely in the FilterMail object.

Are you having a problem with body searches, or names of people?  I
noticed a problem where names were being indexed as keywords and not
regular text.  Which meant in a mail from me, "Joe" would match, but
"Shaw" wouldn't.  I just fixed this in CVS, but it will require you to
reindex the mail.

In my tests, I haven't had any problem searching for text in bodies of


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