Re: open hits with kde mimetype application


On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 12:02 -0400, D Bera wrote:
> Using gnomevfs to open files and folders is good but nevertheless
> sometimes it causes some problems in KDE. Primarily "Reveal in File
> manager" doesnt work and next, some of the hits are opened with wrong
> arguments (e.g. showfoto opens images as showfoto %i %m --caption %c
> hit.path) which kde knows how to work with but gnome doesnt.

Yeah, this is a real problem because the VFS systems are totally
separate.  I'm not sure there's a good way to fix this.

> Instead of finding the application from GNome, using kfmclient solves
> the problem in most cases. I made a quick, simple change to
> Tiles/Tile.cs so that the hits work in KDE (both open and reveal in
> file manager). Its probably not the best one. But it works. If you
> need it, give it a try. If there is any problem, fall back to gnomevfs
> :(

We ran into this problem with Novell Linux Desktop and SUSE, so to solve
this we created a shell script called "desktop-launch" and based on
which desktop you're running, it'll pretty much do the right thing when
you pass URIs or file names into it.  Fredrik checked support in for
this the other day, but it's only in CVS and not in 0.0.12.

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any other distribution which does
something like this, so it can't be solved generally right now.  If
you're not running SUSE or NLD, you'll need to hack the Tile.cs for now
like you did.


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