problem compiling beagle-0.12 on slackware 10.1

After installing all required dependencies on my slack 10.1, I gave
compiling beagle a try.  My configuration summary after running
./ is below.  I received various "CS2001: Source file
'-lgmime-2.0' could not be opened" messages (although they listed
other drivers).  I reinstalled mono to the /usr prefix so I could be
absolutely sure all files would be available to the compiler, and
still received the same message.  I also downloaded the latest beagle
from cvs, and received the same error.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Here's my config summary:

        Target OS:              linux
        Extended Attributes:    libc

        Prefix:                 /usr/local
        GNOME Prefix:           /usr
        KDE Prefix:             unknown; will guess at runtime

        Evolution-Sharp?        no (missing dependencies)
        gsf-sharp?              no
        gst-sharp?              disabled
        Epiphany Extension?     auto
        Mozilla Extension?      yes
        wv1?                    yes
        galago-sharp?           no
        libchm?                 no

        Local SqliteClient?     yes

        Enable WebServices      no
        Enable libbeagle        yes

Here's the last part of the compiler output with the error message. 
Please let me know if you need more.

wsdl -namespace:Beagle.Util -out:GoogleSearch.cs GoogleSearch.wsdl
Mono Web Services Description Language Utility
Writing file 'GoogleSearch.cs'
sed     -e "s|\ prefix\@|/usr/local|g"                  \
        -e "s|\ pkglibdir\@|/usr/local/lib/beagle|g"            \
        -e "s|\ pkgdatadir\@|/usr/local/share/beagle|g"         \
        -e "s|\ localstatedir\@|/usr/local/var|g"       \
        -e "s|\ VERSION\@|0.0.12|g"                     \
        -e "s|\ GNOME_PREFIX\@|/usr|g"  \
        -e "s|\ KDE_PREFIX\@||g"                \
        -e "s|\ XATTR_LIB\@|libc|g"             \
        < ./ > ExternalStringsHack.cs
mcs -debug -nowarn:0067,0618 -unsafe -out:Util.dll -target:library
-define:OS_LINUX   ArrayFu.cs camel.cs CommandLineFu.cs
CompatFileChooser.cs Conf.cs DirectoryWalker.cs Evolution.cs
ExceptionHandlingThread.cs ExifData.cs ExtendedAttribute.cs
FileAdvise.cs FileSystem.cs FrequencyStatistics.cs FSpotTools.cs
GeckoUtils.cs gnome.cs GtkUtils.cs GuidFu.cs HigMessageDialog.cs
ImBuddy.cs ImLog.cs Inotify.cs JpegHeader.cs KdeUtils.cs Logger.cs
Mozilla.cs MultiReader.cs NautilusTools.cs Note.cs PathFinder.cs
PullingReader.cs Scheduler.cs Stopwatch.cs StringFu.cs
StringMatcher.cs SystemInformation.cs Timeline.cs UnixClient.cs
UnixListener.cs UriFu.csVfs.cs XKeybinder.cs ApeReader.cs Mp3Reader.cs
FlacReader.cs OggReader.cs Tag.cs GoogleSearch.cs
ExternalStringsHack.cs -r:/usr/lib/mono/gtk-sharp/glib-sharp.dll
-r:/usr/lib/mono/gtk-sharp/gconf-sharp-peditors.dll -lgmime-2.0 -lz
-lnsl -lgobject-2.0 -lglib-2.0   -r:System.Web.Services
-r:Mono.Data.SqliteClient -r:Mono.Posix
error CS2001: Source file '-lgmime-2.0' could not be opened
error CS2001: Source file '-lz' could not be opened
error CS2001: Source file '-lnsl' could not be opened
error CS2001: Source file '-lgobject-2.0' could not be opened
error CS2001: Source file '-lglib-2.0' could not be opened
Compilation failed: 5 error(s), 0 warnings


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