Re: Gentoo / inotify

thx for all the replies; will get building once i have a spare moment ;)

On Thu, 2005-02-24 at 20:21 +0000, Daniel Drake wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> stephen o'grady wrote:
> > I think this is a question for Robert, but am sending to list just in
> > case any of the other Gentoo users are interested. 
> How about the current Gentoo kernel maintainer ? :)
> > There's been some recent chatter around inotify in Fedora/SuSE etc, but
> > as a Gentoo user I'm wondering if Robert - or anyone else for that
> > matter - has an update on inotify versioning in gentoo-dev-sources. 
> > 
> > Robert did a great job getting the Gentoo devs to include it, but when I
> > was looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest Beagle, I saw from the
> > wiki (
> > 20Kernel#Gentoo) that Gentoo's fallen a bit behind in terms of versions.
> The 2.6.10 releases come with inotify 0.17. I've been holding off keeping this 
> branch unnecessarily up-to-date with the latest inotify versions because some 
> users got bitten when I did this in the past. While there are no open bugs 
> related to the current version of inotify I keep in gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.10, 
> I'm not inclined to update it - I try to make each version more stable with 
> each release rather than taking risks :)
> > Being curious as to when - or if - I might get 0.18 - as I'm sure a few
> > other Gentoo folks are I thought I'd ping the list. 
> I make the more major changes in sync with Linus' releases. So our first 
> 2.6.11 patchset will include Robert Love's latest inotify patch at the time of 
> release.
> You can see more about the my preliminary 2.6.11 work at the end of this page:
> I am aware that there is a newer inotify patch now, it will be updated before 
> the initial 2.6.11 release is made.
> Thanks,
> Daniel

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