Re: Other (plain text) file types can be indexd by Beagle?

David Aveiro wrote:
these files start like this:

<map version="0.8.0">
<!-- To view this file, download free mind mapping software FreeMind
from --> <node CREATED="1116852219791"
ID="Freemind_Link_1946270058" MODIFIED="1127560061828" TEXT="OM">
<font NAME="SansSerif" SIZE="12"/>

So because of the starting < Beagle does not index this? Or as beagle
doesn't recognize mm extension it doesn't even analyse the contents of
this file?

Beagle generally doesn't look at the file contents directly before deciding whether to index the file. Instead, it just indexes by mime-type or extension. Currently no filter picks up the ".mm" extension. You can check which mimetype the file has using "gnomevfs-info". gnomevfs may do some reading of the file to determine its mimetype.

To answer your question, there currently isn't anywhere you can list extra mimetypes/extensions to be picked up by the FilterText filter, other than in the FilterText constructor itself.

Is this too hard to code? Could it be a future preference? Where can i
put this feature request?

To me, it doesn't make much sense. If there is a file format we don't index, we should write a proper filter rather than treating it as plain text.


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