Re: Other (plain text) file types can be indexd by Beagle?


Sex, 2005-12-02 às 19:56 +0000, Daniel Drake escreveu:
> David Aveiro wrote:> 
> > So it would be very useful that Beagle could index files with mm
> > extension (XML content), which is Freemind Maps file extension.
> You should write a filter for those files. Mono includes extensive XML 
> processing classes and beagle filters can be written to either filter by 
> file-extension or by mimetype.

The main subject of my initial message is that it would be useful to
specify in a Beagle configuration file or something, a parameter that
could be a list of file extensions to be considered as plain text and
indexed by Beagle.

This because I assume lots of people and lots of applications save
information in plain text files which are not indexed by beagle,
although it would be very useful if they were.

In my particuklar case I'm not interested in parsing a Freemind XML file
(nor have the knowledge or time to do code in Beagle). I just to find a
particular file that has a string. Then I can just open the file and use
Freemind's internal search mechanism to quickly get to the item I was

Is it possible to insert a feature request somewhere?

Best regards,

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