Re: Other (plain text) file types can be indexd by Beagle?

Sáb, 2005-12-03 às 00:04 +0000, Daniel Drake escreveu:

> Beagle indexes files of mimetype text/plain so the common case is covered, 
> regardless of filename scheme. XML is different to plain text though, and 
> there is no generic XML filter. Presumably the map files have an xml mimetype.

these files start like this:

<map version="0.8.0">
<!-- To view this file, download free mind mapping software FreeMind
from --> <node CREATED="1116852219791"
ID="Freemind_Link_1946270058" MODIFIED="1127560061828" TEXT="OM">
<font NAME="SansSerif" SIZE="12"/>

So because of the starting < Beagle does not index this? Or as beagle
doesn't recognize mm extension it doesn't even analyse the contents of
this file?

> To answer your question, there currently isn't anywhere you can list extra 
> mimetypes/extensions to be picked up by the FilterText filter, other than in 
> the FilterText constructor itself.

Is this too hard to code? Could it be a future preference? Where can i
put this feature request?


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