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here's one thought, Srikant.

On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 11:18 +0000, Srikant Jakilinki wrote:
> Hiya Guys,
>       As you might be aware, MSN desktop search has also been released 
> recently. And Yahoo will be in the space not before long. Tiger-OS is 
> just round the corner. Copernic is having a good following. X1 seems to 
> be gaining a foothold etc. It is getting quite heated and it is exciting 
> out there. Can I then just ask all of you (the core members 
> specifically) a silly question as to how see and how we intend to make 
> Beagle different and better from any of these?
> 1) First of all, me thinks they are good baselines to compare ourselves 
> to and since we are still developing we can take the good points from 
> each and leave out the bad ones. And of course we can always borrow from 
> good research and cool ideas that we all have (like that of metadata 
> attachments or resonant small-world network building). So, please join 
> the discussion and let everyone know your thoughts on this. I will put 
> this post in the Wiki too if that makes it easier.
> 2) Of course, we are not competing or anything like that but purely from 
> a technology and end-user viewpoint, we should ensure that Beagle is 
> right up there and better to search our computers than any of these. My 
> suspicion is that unless Linux has such robust, integrated search tools, 
>    plans to invade the desktop market will be cut short. Total search is 
> too important a functionality and opportunity to be missed and once 
> users get addicted to that, any migration to another computing platform 
> will be made much harder.
> 3) I have attached a slide from Yahoo press release. We could work on 
> such a thing. I can compile the list and put them in a tabular and 
> graphical modality if desired. As one can guess, I am into such research 
> as part of my PhD (too sad that I cannot publish yet as per funding 
> rules) and hence could do with a little bit of community thought on this
> ----
> Regards-Cheers-Sincerely,
> Srikant
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