XML web service support for Beagle ...

This is exactly what I have been thinking: add XML web-service support to Beagle.
If we enable beagled to support XML web service interface and query other beagled's, it can evolve into a 'distributed service'. Adding a SOAP interface will allow beagle clients (users, applications) to query (via xml over http) beagled service from anywhere, leveraging 'fire-wall' friendly attribute of xml web service.
Beagle service could then be used for new applications:
1. Personal work-group: sooner or later users will likely have information distributed across their office workstation, home PC and laptops - and would like to aggregate search results from all their different computers.
2. Common-interest communities: (Beagle) users on the internet who share a common interest and collaborate, could form a community and allow real-time sharing of information they have gathered with their associates. 
3. Workgroup/team members within an intranet working on a common project, can enable content to be shared with other members.
Beagle users could configure what resources (files, cached web pages, IM logs ...) are searchable for queries directed to beagled web service on their PC. Authentication, access control and transport security can make this sharing confidential and secure.

>>> Daniele Bellucci belch linux it> 12/15/04 11:48 PM >>

|What are the concerns in having XSP running ?
it should be nice ...
but, what about using a "distributed" approach by placing a web-service on
different computer node running beagled?

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