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Hiya Guys,
As you might be aware, MSN desktop search has also been released recently. And Yahoo will be in the space not before long. Tiger-OS is just round the corner. Copernic is having a good following. X1 seems to be gaining a foothold etc. It is getting quite heated and it is exciting out there. Can I then just ask all of you (the core members specifically) a silly question as to how see and how we intend to make Beagle different and better from any of these?

1) First of all, me thinks they are good baselines to compare ourselves to and since we are still developing we can take the good points from each and leave out the bad ones. And of course we can always borrow from good research and cool ideas that we all have (like that of metadata attachments or resonant small-world network building). So, please join the discussion and let everyone know your thoughts on this. I will put this post in the Wiki too if that makes it easier.

2) Of course, we are not competing or anything like that but purely from a technology and end-user viewpoint, we should ensure that Beagle is right up there and better to search our computers than any of these. My suspicion is that unless Linux has such robust, integrated search tools, plans to invade the desktop market will be cut short. Total search is too important a functionality and opportunity to be missed and once users get addicted to that, any migration to another computing platform will be made much harder.

3) I have attached a slide from Yahoo press release. We could work on such a thing. I can compile the list and put them in a tabular and graphical modality if desired. As one can guess, I am into such research as part of my PhD (too sad that I cannot publish yet as per funding rules) and hence could do with a little bit of community thought on this

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