Re: Patch for Result Sets

> I haven't updated all of the backends to work with the new
> output format, so they aren't all going to work immediately. 
> The backends that have not been updated are:
> regexpchainer, rhythmboxlibrary, ephybookmarks, addressbook, evomail,
> and ephyhistory.  It doesn't take much to get them working, but I
> don't have the required data to test these with so left them alone.

Preliminary patches for evomail and ephyhistory at:

The evomail patch just changes to result sets. The Ephyhistory patch
adds using the plain favicon as the icon (no compositing) and XPath
stuff (I'm not sure if that was checked into CVS) as well. They might
collide when updating but should be ok.

If I can get the patched evo to built tonight I'll try and get
addressbook working as well.

Thomas Sutton

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