Re: Feature request

On 01/24/2012 09:18 PM, Antono Vasiljev wrote:
> On 01/23/2012 11:13 PM, David King wrote:
>>> 1. I need a frame for precise face positioning displayed on top
>>>   of cheese camera view.
>>> 2. We need a way to easily export this photo to diary.
>>> Any advise?
>> You could use CheeseAvatarChooser, which presents a dialog to take a
>> photo, and then provides a frame for cropping the result:
>> This is the widget that is used in Empathy and the User accounts panel
>> in the Control Center. The API is simple, and gives a GdkPixbuf of the
>> resulting image.
> Hmm. Not sure it provides needed functionality.
> Time lapse video will be smooth if only user face on each photo
> positioned the same each day. It means user should make photo from same
> distance (fit her face to some visual box on the screen) and use some
> visual markers for face centering. No need to crop photos if they made
> with same configuration each time.
> So question is: how hard it's to position some SVG image (calibration
> box) over camera view?
The underlying gstreamer plugins have most features you will need. E.g.
facedetect can now also detect mouth, nose and eyes. You could also show
the previous picture using videomixer with opacity to support positioning.


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