Re: A web-cam detection library ?

Thanks for this help. It was very useful and rins like a charm !

And also I understand to use cheese from gnome git, not from launchpad
lucid ;-)

So now i can really start !

> I never used Anjuta before, I usually compile cheese with
> ./ --prefix=<some prefix here, usually I just use usr>
> make
> Now if you run src/cheese it will complain about missing ui files and
> other things from the data directory, I usually just run a make
> install from that directory so I don't have to bother with manually
> installing single needed files, basically you need cheese.ui,
> cheese-ui.xml, cheese-prefs.ui in $PREFIX/share/cheese and pixmaps
> from data/pixmaps in $PREFIX/share/cheese/pixmaps.
> That should be everything needed to launch cheese uninstalled, well
> you will need some other file too but that's enough to not crash at
> startup. You can probably do something better manually setting
> directory options with configure.
> To debug you need to launch libtool --mode=execute gdb src/cheese but
> I'm pretty sure anjuta does that for you as I was able to launch the
> debugger from it just pointing it to the src/cheese executable.

> Hope this helps,
> Filippo

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