Re: A web-cam detection library ?

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 8:33 AM, Nicolas Bertrand <nico inattendu org> wrote:
> I succes to compile, install and execute  in my local dirs with the
> --prefix options in the .configure.
> But I didn't success to start with the debugger in Anjuta.
> So did you have a way  to debug inside cheese.  Ithink what i do is not
> correct.
> run configure with enable-maintainer-mode  ( with or without a --prefix ? )
> Compile cheese.
> If i wan't to debug, is the make install  command mandatory  ?  or there
> is a way for executing the src/cheese  without make install  command ?
> Anjuta creates a Debug Dir In debug target mode . But I didn't succes to
> launch it.
> Or the debugger need to be launch on the installed bin ?

I never used Anjuta before, I usually compile cheese with
./ --prefix=<some prefix here, usually I just use usr>

Now if you run src/cheese it will complain about missing ui files and
other things from the data directory, I usually just run a make
install from that directory so I don't have to bother with manually
installing single needed files, basically you need cheese.ui,
cheese-ui.xml, cheese-prefs.ui in $PREFIX/share/cheese and pixmaps
from data/pixmaps in $PREFIX/share/cheese/pixmaps.
That should be everything needed to launch cheese uninstalled, well
you will need some other file too but that's enough to not crash at
startup. You can probably do something better manually setting
directory options with configure.

To debug you need to launch libtool --mode=execute gdb src/cheese but
I'm pretty sure anjuta does that for you as I was able to launch the
debugger from it just pointing it to the src/cheese executable.

Hope this helps,

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