A web-cam detection library ?

Hi, I'm a dev. on luciole (https://launchpad.net/luciole), a stop-motion
software who can use a web-cam for live image capture for animation
movie realization.

Like in Cheese, I need to detect web-cam, with his resolution ,
mime-type , framerate, etc … I also use dbus and gstreamer to get all
this data. As a diff. I do it in python.

I encounter the same type of problems : v4l ot v4l2, Detect the best
web-cam resolution and framerate.

So, as we did some very close work on web-cam detection. I have a
suggestion to create a webcam detection library. It can be, I think,
useful some other video-editing tools, like pitivi.

The library goal can be to detect connected web-cams with
dbus/udev/gudev. And as output provide a structure with all detected
webcam and associated and also a gst Bin ( with filter on image
resolution and framerate)

The library can be written in C with other language bindings as python.
With a GPL license. I don't know if it can be in the scope of Gnome project

I go to start a wiki for specify this lib .

What do you think about this library ?



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