Re: suggestion: persuasive webcam installation when the webcam doesn't work at all

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 6:30 AM, Paulo Silva <nitrofurano gmail com> wrote:
> (Daniel, it's a Gmail issue on lacking sending to the mailing list as
> well, and i'm always forgetting that, maybe because you CCed the
> mailing list and sent the answer for me - Gmail still sucks sometimes
> because of this... - is this mailing list also at google groups?)
> Here is a screenshot from my desktop computer, after turning on the
> webcam, connected on the usb - it's a gspca-compatible webcam, and
> worked only on Ubuntu 8.04 (i'm not interested on downgrade..) after
> compiling and installing kernel module (painful issue for me) - i were
> trying it since Ubuntu 4.10, and got it no more working since Ubuntu
> 8.10

GSPCA isn't everything.  The webcam built into my Dell monitor *only*
requires UVC (usb video class) and no other GSPCA drivers.  In your
kernel config this can be toggled on at Device Drivers -> Multimedia
support -> Video Capture Adapters -> V4L USB devices ->

There is a good chance that your camera is supported, but its a matter
of proper configuration.


> About iSight, is yours from the MacBook 2,0 as well? since i bought
> that, i kept trying following all those instructions we find online
> (Ubuntu documentation wiki pages), extracted the firmware file and
> placing it on the right place as told, asking people if the md5sum of
> the firmware is right, etc., and nothing - what happens is, when i
> have the firmware placed on that location, the boot process hangs with
> a kind of 'usb enumeration error', making me forcing the power button
> for shutdown all the time, when the webcam worked fine on OSX... -
> maybe it's just my bad luck with computer gadgets..
> thanks and cheers
> paulo
> On 12/24/09, daniel g. siegel <dgsiegel gnome org> wrote:
>> that is not true, at least as far as i heard. many webcams are using the
>> same chip, and the majority is supported under linux. in the most cases,
>> the fault is just wrong configuration or a driver bug.
>> by the way: i am using the isight, and it works very nicely.
>> daniel
>> On Mi, 2009-12-23 at 21:11 +0000, Paulo Silva wrote:
>>> webcams doesn't work at all on Linux, or
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