Re: gnomecal categories (was: Re: contributing to gncal)

> I've been busy for some time, but this weekend I've spent some time with gnome-pim categories. Categories turned out to be harder to implement than I thought, but I think I've done something like 70%  (with another 70% to go ;-)
> I hope to be able to finish my patch this week. This patch features:
> - Fully functional and clean 
> - Only 'stock'-categories ( though custom cats infrastructure is there)
> - No pixmaps yet ( shouldn't be too hard )
> - So far only for todo-list items ( calendar items shouldn't be too hard)
> When (if) my patch is accepted, I'll start working on the additional features.

Sounds good.  We plan on integrating your patch directly into the
Evolution core.  Just go ahead and implement it for Gnomecal, we will
take care of putting it on the other tree.

Best wishes,

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