gnomecal categories (was: Re: contributing to gncal)


A quick status update:

I've been busy for some time, but this weekend I've spent some time with gnome-pim categories. Categories turned out to be harder to implement than I thought, but I think I've done something like 70%  (with another 70% to go ;-)

I hope to be able to finish my patch this week. This patch features:
- Fully functional and clean 
- Only 'stock'-categories ( though custom cats infrastructure is there)
- No pixmaps yet ( shouldn't be too hard )
- So far only for todo-list items ( calendar items shouldn't be too hard)

When (if) my patch is accepted, I'll start working on the additional features.


On Thu Jan 13, 2000 at 09:39:43AM -0600, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > I've decided at least we need pixmaps. Pixmaps are not only nice to
> > see, but also provide a way to show, say, 5 categories in the todo
> > list (using GNOME foot-menu size pixmaps), with their textual form as
> > a tooltip. Also, I've decided to use a box with to lists for
> > 'available' and 'selected' categories, and some arrows to move a
> > category from one list to the other. 
> This is indeed a lot nicer than the Microsoft approach.  I am looking
> forward to see this code.
> best wishes,
> Miguel.
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