About gnome-pim rpms (and why they are broken)

I think I found what is wrong with current gnome-pim-conduits and
gnome-pim-devel rpms. I was trying to install them on my work machine
and got an error that someone reported earlier. Something like

gnome-pim >=1.1.3 needed for gnome-pim-conduits.

Now this didn't make sense because I was installing all 3 rpms in one
shot. So I went ahead and forced the install with nodeps. The funny
thing is that ater that only gnome-pim-conduits and gnome-pim-devel
got installed. Not the gnome-pim itself. This made me realize what's
happening. If you look at the gnome-pim.spec file you'll notice that
both "devel" and "conduits" packages are listed as Obsoleting the
%name or gnome-pim. So it was installing gnome-pim and then
immediately trying to remove it as it thought it was obsoleted by

Kinda funny if you ask me, but does explain the bizare behavior.


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