Re: contributing to gncal

Miguel de Icaza writes:
>> I like todo-list from gncal, but there are some things lacking
>> (IMHO), most notably _categories_. The vCal spec mentions them, and
>> gncal is prepared for them (calobj.h). So, I could add
>> categories. However, I think people are overhauling gnome-pim for
>> inclusion in Evolution -- considering this, would it be worthwile to
>> spend time patching the current gncal?
>Well, there are major changes pending to GnomeCal, specifically
>iCalendar support.  Depending on how simple and clean the code is, we
>could integrate them in both code bases.

Assuming everything continues according to my plan,
iCalendar/vCalendar should be identical for all purposes other than
the actual parser, so calendar format should not affect the category
code at all.  (Since the iCalendar parser handles the conversion to
iCalObject, as does the existing vCal parser- in both cases, the
result is a GList of strings representing categories).

Now if that code compiled, I could let you see it. :)  Patience...


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