daily recurrence

In eventedit.c around line 650 are the following comment and code:

    case 1:
        /* end date */
        /* Also here, to ensure that the event is used, we add 86400 secs to get 
           get next day, in accordance to the RFC */
        ical->recur->_enddate = gnome_date_edit_get_date (GNOME_DATE_EDIT (ee->recur_ed_end_on)) + 86400;
        ical->recur->enddate = ical->recur->_enddate;
        ical->recur->duration = 0;

Where in the RFC do I find why to add one day (or a lot of sec) to the

For events that are repeated daily to a specific enddate, I get the one
day later then expected.


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