Re: Random thoughts about possible enhancements.

Rusty Conover writes:
 > wrote:
 > > 1. Improvements to the ToDo lists.
 > >   a. I noticed that recently an end-date was added, however this
 > >      doesn't seem to be shown in the GUI - only on the edit dialog.
 > [alter your preferences]
 > Rusty
 > --

OK, I should have looked harder....thats the trouble with moving

One additional thought that came to mind would be the ability to have
templates for meeting, i.e. create a template, say "Project 345", you
can then create a link to the list of people who should attend,
indicate that there should be a link for the agenda and minutes files, 
and a link to the previous meeting.

Just one more thing (as if.....) How do you intend to link peoples
calendars together? Will there be the usual calendar server? Or are
there other ways to do this?



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