Re: Random thoughts about possible enhancements.


I've got some comments on three things seen in recent mails:

 - backend
 - file size
 - file format.

Some time ago I asked if something like vCalander and vToDo formats and
exchange facilities were planned for GnomeCal. Well, I can't check the
file format now, but it would be a good idea to use the vCalander format
for calander stuff and vToDo for the todos. With this in mind, the
backend for file i/o isn't that hard to realise, because the format is
(fairly well) documented in RFC 244[789] (IIRC). The formats are easy to
parse, and can be used to transport across network links too. And that's
something of which I hope that will be added to GnomeCal: an option to
connect to Calender servers, like the Netscape Calendar server. If you
handle all streams (file, network) alike in the parser, this won't be
difficult to realise.

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