Random thoughts about possible enhancements.

To start off with I'd better say that I'm a user rather than a
developer of gnome - although I do program in GTK+, I've never used
the Gnome libs....apart from gtk-xmhtml.....

Anyway, I'm currently running the CVS version of gnomecal and these
are the things it would be useful if it could do. (I (have to) use MS
schedule+ at work, so some features are from that and some are from
things I wish it could do, but doesn't).

1. Improvements to the ToDo lists. 
  a. I noticed that recently an end-date was added, however this 
     doesn't seem to be shown in the GUI - only on the edit dialog.
  b. A pop-up menu on the ToDo window giving the same options as the
     buttons below it would be useful.
  c. Hierarchical lists of projects (like schedule+).
2. Improvements to appointments.
  a. Being able to associate files with an appointment. What I mean by 
     this is that when you edit an appointment you have the choice of
     adding "hypertext" labels. For example, you may want to add a
     label "Agenda" and have that linked to a file ~/agenda.lyx
     so clicking on the label starts up lyx (from mime type). Later
     you might want to add a "Minutes" label. Would be good if you 
     could also do the same for the people attending by using links
     to gnomecard.

One question I have, will the file storing this information be
trimmed? Or is it going to get bigger and bigger? I haven't looked
through the code but I guess it will just keep expanding. Would it be
a good idea to have an include/archive mechanism so that previous
years can be loaded when required? (I find looking through past
appointments an useful tool to find out what exactly was I doing....) 

Anyway, comment on the above would be welcome. 

I don't intend to attempt to modify anything currently, mainly due to
lack of time and inexperience of the gnome API. I also have a vague
suspicious that CORBA may be useful as some of the glue, and I have no
idea about that technology.....


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